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PLAY! at The Bascom

In 2021, The Bascom celebrates PLAY! as its’ annual theme!

As children, we develop physically, emotionally, and intellectually by participating in the most liberating of activities, through play. Friendships are forged through play. We learn new skills through play. Even as adults, playfulness opens our minds to fresh creative expression, problem solving, and imaginative exploration essential to unlocking our best creative self. Join The Bascom in embracing play as our annual theme for 2021. Come play with us at The Bascom!


GALLERY: Bunzl Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: September 13, 2021
THROUGH: December 30, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Sculpture

What is sculpture? What is play? The final exhibition in the Bunzl explores what contemporary sculpture is and looks like and how the medium can best be utilized to visualize the notion of play. 

GALLERY: Horst Winkler Sculpture Trail
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: April 26, 2021
THROUGH: April 30, 2022
MEDIUM(S): Sculpture

2021 marks the beginning of an annual outdoor sculpture switch out on The Bascom Campus. Every year, we will select a handful of sculptors to install their work on our cement pads throughout our 6 acre campus. 

Call to Artists: Outdoor Sculpture 2021

GALLERY: Joel Gallery
ARTIST(S): Deborah Shannan
ON DISPLAY: April 3, 2021
THROUGH: May 29, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Photography

In its 5th year, The Bascom’s photography residency has grown as an essential component of the organization’s mission. Attracting photographers from across the country, this unique residency opportunity not only benefits the resident artist through a variety of professional development opportunities, but also serves the community through important education programs for local students and adults.

GALLERY: Bunzl Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: April 6, 2021
THROUGH: July 3, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Various

Skateboarding is just as much an art as it is sport. The graphic arts have played an important role in the development of this once counter-culture to mainstream acceptance. Everything from iconic logos to the designs on the bottom of the deck plays an important part of the skateboarding culture. 

GALLERY: Bunzl Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: May 11, 2021
THROUGH: August 21, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Various
GUEST CURATOR(S): Knight Martorell

This special exhibition is presented in partnership with Highlands Motoring Festival in the Bascom’s Bunzl Gallery. FreeWheeling: The Allure of the Automobile in Contemporary Art, will feature works of renowned international automotive artists, including canvas, paper, and sculpture. Additionally, there will be a rotating display of extremely rare and special automobiles in the Gallery that are a testament to the concept of the automobile itself as art.

For more information:

FreeWheeling Highlands

Highlands Motoring Festival

GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: July 20, 2021
THROUGH: September 4, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Various

This year’s members challenge is based on our 2021 annual theme: PLAY! Bascom member artists are asked to submit an original piece of art that they feel best encompasses what the term means to them. The members challenge is our longest running exhibition and this year marks the fifth year with juror selection.

GALLERY: Joel Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: June 7, 2021
THROUGH: August 5, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Painting & Digital Media

The Bascom is proud to partner with the Highlands Cashiers Chamber Music Festival and celebrate their 40th anniversary! Each year HCCMF releases a program of their events with original art on the cover. This exhibition will showcase all of those original art pieces.

GALLERY: Joel Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: August 28, 2021
THROUGH: December 31, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Various

The Bascom has played host to countless Art League meetings over the years. This year we aim to show off the talent that surrounds us on the Highlands Cashiers Plateau. 

GALLERY: Thompson Gallery
ARTIST(S): Various
ON DISPLAY: September 18, 2021
THROUGH: December 23, 2021
MEDIUM(S): Mosaics

Our fourth installment in our Craft to Art series covers Mosaics and their history of use from wall decorations to modern fine art pieces. The Craft to Art series seeks to bring about discussion regarding mediums that have long histories in craft and a vital resurgent in fine art.

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