Your support of The Bascom makes it possible for The Bascom to offer free access to state of the art exhibitions, to recruit talented artists as teachers in our arts classes, and to continue vital outreach to the communities of Macon and Jackson counties in partnership with other nonprofits. Through the generous philanthropic support of our donors, we advocate to keep the visual arts a vibrant part of the community and our creative economy.

Make a Donation

All gifts are appreciated! Make your gift securely onlinemake a distribution from your retirement account, or mail a check to 323 Franklin Road, Highlands, NC 28741. If you wish to transfer appreciated stock, please contact Holly Alligood at 828.526.4949 for instructions. There are many ways to support The Bascom.  Feel Free to contact us at 828.526.4949 with any questions. 

Become a Bascom Member

Make your first gift to The Bascom by becoming a Bascom Member. Membership at The Bascom helps sustain our programs and provides opportunities to engage with us. Membership is $100.00/person; $175.00/household annually. Individuals under the age of 18 are eligible for membership at a reduced rate of $50.00 annually.

  • Discount on classes
  • One-time 10% discount in our retail shop
  • Opportunity to Submit to our Annual Juried Members Show
  • Special opportunity at Community Day (July 1, 2023)
  • North America Reciprocal Museum (NARM) Association membership card

Join the Director's Circle $1,000 and above

Donors who make gifts of $1,000 or more are recognized as Director Circle patrons. Bascom Membership is included as recognition of your gift.

Each year, we offer VIP Director’s Circle opportunities such as exclusive receptions and sales. All Director’s Circle Donors are offered unlimited 10% discount in The Bascom Shop.

Director’s Circle patrons can choose to support The Bascom with unrestricted gifts, exhibition sponsorships, Three Potters Symposium sponsorship, special event sponsorships, or restricted gifts that are in accordance with The Bascom’s Gift Acceptance Policy.

Director’s Circle Recognition opportunities are listed below:

Join the Barratt Society with gifts of $10,000 and above for three consecutive years and help us meet the Thompson Challenge

Donors who make a three-year pledge of $10,000 or more per year for three years (total of $30,000 or more) are recognized as Barratt Society patrons. Barratt Society donations support the sustainability of The Bascom by offering a renewable stream of donation revenue. Barratt Society patrons are recognized as the most generous members of our Director’s Circle and are invited to attend a special event annually to honor their philanthropic leadership.

Mary and Greg Thompson Challenge 

Thanks to a generous challenge gift from Mary and Greg Thompson, The Bascom will receive $75,000 annually once we confirm our annual goal of new Barratt Society members. Your gift and pledge ensures that their vision and investment become a reality.

Director’s Circle - Diamond Level $10,000 and above (current year gift)

  • Emphasized Listing in the Annual Report and Donor Board
  • Invitation to the Annual Benefactors Breakfast
  • Invitations to Special Diamond-Level Opportunities
  • Pledges of $10,000 or more per year for three consecutive years are eligible for the Thompson match and The Barratt Society, see details below. 

 Platinum Level $5,000 and above 

  • Listing in the Annual Report and Donor Board
  • Invitation to the Annual Benefactors Breakfast
  • Invitations to Special Platinum-Level Opportunities

Gold Level $2,500 and above

  • Listing in the Annual Report 
  • Invitation to the Annual Benefactors Breakfast
  • Invitations to Special Gold-Level Opportunities

Silver Level $1,000 and above

  • Listing in the Annual Report 
  • Invitation to the Annual Benefactors Breakfast
  • Invitations to Special Silver-Level Opportunities

Honor or Memorialize a Friend or Family Member

Make a donation to The Bascom in honor or memory of someone you love. Simply include that information with your donation when you make a donation online. All individuals honored will receive notification from The Bascom.

Take Advantage of Stock Appreciation

Transfer appreciated stock to The Bascom and avoid paying capital gains on the stock you transfer. PLUS, you make an impact on the Highlands community by supporting The Bascom's programs. To transfer stock, contact Holly Alligood at 828.526.4949 for instructions on how to transfer stock.

Make Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from IRAs

Make required minimum distributions from IRAs and other retirement accounts as donation to The Bascom. By transferring your RMD from a retirement account directly to The Bascom, you can avoid increases to your taxable income.

Donate via Your Donor Advised Fund (DAF)

A donor-advised fund is a centralized charitable account that allows philanthropic individuals, families and businesses to make tax-deductible donations of cash or publicly traded stock to their favorite charitable organizations. 

If you are considering planned or estate giving, please contact Karin Peterson for more information on ways to support The Bascom with your estate plans.

The Bascom is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit institute. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Please consult your tax advisor for more information.