We at The Bascom believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in art experiences. Scholarships may be available to anyone who demonstrates a need of financial assistance. Full and partial scholarships are offered. Bascom Scholarships are sponsored by the Cullasaja Women’s Outreach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the following before submitting your Scholarship Application. 

How do I qualify for a scholarship?
Applicants qualify for scholarships in one of two ways:

  • Need-Based: For need-based scholarships, students who demonstrate that they do not have the means to cover class tuition qualify. Factors that may contribute to scholarship approval may include the student’s household size, minority status, annual household income, or personal hardship that has affected your financial status.
  • Merit-Based: For merit-based scholarships, students are required to submit an art portfolio, statement, and references for review by Bascom staff.

What expenses are covered by scholarships?
Scholarships are applied to tuition fees for workshops and ongoing classes. Students are responsible for any additional expenses, such as meals and housing.

How much scholarship support may I receive?
Students may apply for partial or full student tuition for one or multiple programs. Individuals are allowed to receive a maximum of $650 in total scholarship awards per year.

What do I owe The Bascom in return for my scholarship?
Scholarship recipients do not owe The Bascom anything, except promptness and good conduct while participating in our programs. There is no debt to The Bascom and no work exchange requirement. However, we welcome students to give back to The Bascom by participating in our Volunteer program!

Why am I stuck on the workshop wait list?
Some workshops give registration priority to students who are paying the full tuition amount. In those cases, the scholarship applicant will be placed on the wait list and then contacted two weeks prior to the workshop if there are still spaces available. The best way to ensure enrollment in these classes is to pay the full tuition amount. All workshops have a minimum enrollment number that must be met with students who are paying the full amount before scholarship recipients are allowed to register.

Do I have to provide financial records in order to receive a scholarship?
No, however, applicants applying for more than $200 must provide their annual household income. The Bascom considers annual household income and household size to determine the applicant’s eligibility for a scholarship award.

What is the deadline for submitting my scholarship application?
Scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis. They must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of the given program.

How may I contribute to The Bascom’s Scholarship Funds?
Support The Bascom’s students by creating a scholarship fund in your name or in honor of someone you know. Scholarship funds ensure that students of all socio-economic backgrounds are eligible to participate in The Bascom’s educational programs. Scholarship funds may be for general dissemination or they may be reserved for students meeting specific criteria. Examples of restricted scholarship funds are – need-based, merit-based, minority groups, teachers, children, teens, art therapy students, college students, local or regional residents, international students, veterans, and students practicing in a specific medium.

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