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In 2025, The Bascom will reach its 40th Birthday. In anticipation of this date, we are pleased to announce the launch of a multi-year oral history project to capture stories of our past and present. We seek to document the experiences of those who have knowledge of the birth and growth of The Bascom in its multiple iterations – from the initial gift of Watson Barratt and its life as a gallery at the Hudson Library, to its development as a separate campus on the site of the Crane Horse Farm, and to its growth in the last decade as a vibrant arts center.  We seek stories of those who dreamed about the possibilities of an art center for the plateau, and the testimonies of those who witnessed the raising of the Will Henry Stephens Bridge, the art center, and ceramics studio. We want to hear from those who have attended Bascom special events, taken classes in our studios, participated in community programs, hiked our trail, experienced our art exhibits, or developed professionally through our residencies and other professional support programs for artists. We also seek the accounts of leaders past and present who have helped The Bascom weather its growing pains and celebrate its successes.

How to participate:

Complete a short information form, which will capture the kinds of stories you would like to share and your contact information. We will reach out to you over the next three months to begin scheduling oral history interviews with individuals and small groups.